Firefly Fusion has been set up by Justin Ball and Rustem Ospanov. Justin is the principal investigator for a theoretical plasma-shaping research group funded by EUROfusion. 

Rustem Ospanov is an experimental physicist with 18 years of major
research contributions to cutting-edge projects at CERN and Fermilab.
He is an experienced leader skilled in building and managing
high-performing teams. He holds a Ph.D. in particle physics from the
University of Texas (2008) and an entrepreneurship MBA from EDHEC.

Justin Ball is a research scientist at the Swiss Plasma Centre at EPFL. He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical plasma physics from Oxford University (2016) and an M.S. in nuclear engineering from MIT (2013).
He is a principal investigator of the EUROfusion R&D program on novel plasma shapes and has co-authored the book “The Future of Fusion Energy.